About This Site

This is the website home of my pedagogical, research, and classroom tools used in the course of research and methods courses. It’s also recently become home to my more informal writing about writing, teaching, and research. While the foundation of the site was purely based on communicating with my students, I have found it a valuable and enriching experience to venture out into the vast space of the interwebs.  I hope to craft this site into a more comprehensive portfolio of the body of courses that I teach in my role as a professor. 

The image I have included in the menu banner was taken during my final dissertation research trip to Lübeck, Germany in the summer of 2010.  This image is Heiligen-Geist Hospital, a space that was used as a medieval church, a hospital, an old-age home, and the site of a Christkindlmarkt at Christmas.  It survived the “Palm Sunday” bombing in March 1942 by Britain’s RAF and has become one of the town squares in the Lübeck Altstadt, a UNESCO world heritage site.  I include it here because history is everywhere, and it is often central to how we move and live day-to-day.

You’ll find in the menu a variety of topics and information–some up-to-date and some out-of-date (I’ll get to it, it’s on the list!). Some headings are used as hands-on examples for classroom website construction, so if the sheer number of dessert recipes and pictures confuse you, just know it was either that or all Nazi history all the time.

All original statements and opinions on this site are mine (linked material less so, but I will contextualize it). I can be reached at ebriesacher@worcester.edu with any comments or concerns!

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